David Chappell : Creative Work Blog

Project : Nationwide

Client: Tilling Productions (for Nationwide) Motion graphics Adobe CC : After Effects

After Effects/Tracking

Project : BP ‘Energium’

Client : Tilling Productions (for BP) Introduction ‘excite’ video and gameplay instructional guide. 3dsMax / After Effects

After Effects

Project : SAP

Client : Clockhouse (for SAP) 2010 promotional video After Effects : Adobe Creative Suite 2011 promotional video After Effects 2012 promotional video After Effects : PFTrack

After Effects/Tracking

Project : Castrol

Client : Tilling Productions (for Castrol) Simulation of Castrol oil working inside a combustion engine. A journey down through scale from cms to nanometers.


Photography : London South Bank

Winter in London. Markets, German fairs and mulled wine in paper cups. Time to get away from the computer, get wrapped up and get out with the camera.


Playtime : SoftBody + RigidBody

3dsMax : MassFX : VRay Experimenting with rubber softbody + glass rigidbody simulation.


Playtime : Particles

3dsMax : PFlow : Box2 : PhysX Glue Experimenting with replacing rigid-body simulations with 100% particle driven systems – offering lots of flexibility over standard rigid-bodys.


Tutorial : Object fading in 3dsMax

“How do you make an object or group disappear or fade-out during an animation?” It should obviously be really simple – but unless you know where to look I think it can cause a lot of headaches. Now there’s a few (…)